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Fright Night LA – the Final Incarnation (12 Oct 07)

Sadly this October was the last edition of Fright Night LA in its current version. Our illustrious host Noah K, decided to take a break from this event while preparing for Bat’s Day #10. Normally I would post the images to Fright Night the week before the next month’s edition. Since there wasn’t to be another one to follow (until next year), I didn’t make a reminder in my calendar to post these in November. I’ll make up for that lapse now.

You may notice a slightly different quality in the photos from this show. My normal D-SLR camera was in the shop and I had to make use of my daughter’s brand new Canon ‘S3 IS - Powershot’ to capture the images. It took a bit to get used to, but the effects were pretty cool in some cases.

There was a certain air of melancholy in the knowledge that this was the last show for a while.

So melancholy that it started raining early in the evening.

Here the lovely Zoectica Ebb dodges the rain and the forming puddles to join the audience.

The rain dampened the event but not most spirits.

Inside, more friends gathered

Noah K announcing show details

Slipping ahead, we see Noah discussing things before introducing the musician guest for the night – Frankenstein

Raffle Time – the last Saw (1) one T-shirt was given away that night.

For some the excitement was just too much.

Show photos tomorrow.
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